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Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law in Diamond Bar, CA

Family Law in  Diamond Bar, CA - Collab

Collaborative Family Law practice is a safe, cost-sensitive, and controlled environment where Alternative Dispute Resolution is facilitated by a trained team of advisors certified collaborative attorneys of family law in Diamond Bar, CA, mental health coaches, child specialists and neutral financial advisors dedicated to helping parties resolve disputes outside of a court-imposed judgment. The practice allows for the parties to reach agreements based on their needs rather than an outside verdict. Contact us today to learn more.


Why Collaborate?


In Collaborative Family Law, an interdisciplinary team can be assembled by adding team members as the need arises or begin forthright as a team, allowing each party to be confident, focused, and comfortable. Each party is represented by a carefully selected group who offers legal advice, guidance and expertise in the legal process of resolving the dispute that is both mutually beneficial and civilized.

In Collaborative Family Law, each party retains a Collaborative Law Attorney from those that are specifically trained.

Why Collaborate?


These Attorneys are retained for settlement purposes only and agree to be precluded form litigating the case.

A Child Specialist is on board to provide input from the children, an assessment of how each parent can assist the children in minimizing the negative impact of the divorce process, and maximizing the emotional well being of the child while maintaining bonds with divorcing parents.

A mental health coach is on hand to assist parties in dealing emotionally with the required negotiation and resolution of the case.

Why Collaborate?


A neutral Financial Analyst provides a thorough picture of the parties’ finances, presenting an unbiased assesment and possible  settlement options.

With Collaborative Family Law practice, there are no hidden agendas, and settlement outcomes are in the best interest of all parties involved. Civilized, respectful and mutually consensual resolutions are the ultimate goals of the teams.  Avoid the high costs of litigation, both financially and as it affects interpersonal relationships between parents and their children, resolve with privacy and dignity.