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Arbitration, Private Judges and Special Master

Arbitration in Diamond Bar, CA

Arbitration  & Private Judge


Consensual Dispute Resolution exists for individuals who are insistent upon having their case heard before a trier of fact and law. These parties and their attorneys may elect to proceed to Arbitration or by Private Judging. An Arbitrator or Private Judge listens to evidence presented by the parties and makes an award. Need an arbitration in Diamond Bar, CA? Contact us today to learn more.

Arbitration is a process in which the parties and counsel agree in writing that a neutral Arbitrator will hear their case and make a decision in accordance with a written contract and applicable rules of law and procedure. This is usually handled in a faster and more private manner than in open court, although each party usually shares the cost of the arbitrator for his/her time.

Special Master & Private Judges

What Are They?

Upon the agreement of the parties, the court can appoint a Special Master to receive information and evidence, and make a reasoned recommendation or proposal which can then be confirmed by the Court and made an order.

In a child custody case, the Court, in the same manner, can appoint a Parenting Plan Coordinator, which is either a mental health professional or an attorney.  The Parenting Plan Coordinator will act for the parties jointly in resolving issues as they arise, instead of having to return to court to get an immediate determination of minor matters, a recommendation to the Court for an interim ruling, or a report to the Court where a hearing may be required.

Parties who use this method of resolving matters saves time and expense by not requiring attorneys and a return to Court for each and every minor disagreement.  For parties who have high conflict, these processes offer assistance quickly and at the least cost.